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Frequently Asked Questions



What’s the difference between an accountant,

tax preparer, and bookkeeper?


While you may find an overlap of services, here are the primary differences.

Accountant is an abbreviation for Certified Public Accountant. CPAs are specialists holding university CPA degrees and state accreditation. Services they provide can include:

  • Audit and certify financial statements
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Provide tax planning advice

Tax Preparers are generally licensed IRS-certified tax code specialists. They are not necessarily CPAs or bookkeepers. Their primary service is filing state and federal taxes.

 Bookkeepers are the most generalized. We handle any or all of the regular monthly business needs, including:

  • Recording all transactions in the general ledger
  • Client invoicing and collections
  • Vendor payables and automation
  • Payroll
  • Financial reports

Kellie Cowles is a bookkeeper, holding a bachelor’s degree and multiple college and specialty accounting classes with 35 years of practical experience.

What Is Our Bookkeeping Process?

Perennial Bookkeeping follows these basic steps for all clients:

1. Set up a custom general ledger tailored to the client.

2. Sync bank and credit card accounts to automatically download to QBO.

3. Categorize downloaded transactions to appropriate accounts.

4. Reconcile bank and credit card accounts at month end

5. Verify the accuracy of postings, noting any outliers.

6. Prepare client-specific reports based on monthly activity.

7. Perform monthly and annual journal entries as needed.

Will Perennial Bookkeeping Work For Your Business?

We serve all kinds of small and medium-size businesses!

Professional Services: Financial Planners, Realtors, Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, etc.

Contractors: Landscapers, Handy persons, Plumbers, General Contractors, etc.

Health and Wellness: Nutritionists, Fitness Gyms, Personal Trainers, Salons and Spas, etc.

Other Industries: Web Design, Marketing, Interior Design, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, Manufacturers, even Veterinarians!

Can Perennial Bookkeeping file my taxes?

Tax return preparation requires expertise of the constantly changing state and federal tax laws. We don’t offer this service. However, we do prepare your records so that your CPA or Tax Preparer can do their job without delay or undue stress.

Who will be doing my books?

I have a small team to help with administrative needs and data entry. I personally oversee the organizing of your general ledger, run your financial reports and answer any questions or concerns you have.

Do you do payroll?

Payroll laws are very strict and always changing, so we do not manually perform payroll in-house. However, we have relationships with ADP, PayChex, Gusto and QBO payroll services. We are happy to handle this service for you through one of these specialty companies.

Shouldn’t my bookkeeper be local?

Not necessarily. Quickbooks Online allows your books to be serviced from anywhere there is internet access. QBO stores your records on Secure Cloud Based Servers ensuring that keep your data backed up, safe and accessible at any time. This means you can focus on hiring a bookkeeper who understands your business and needs instead of just nearby. Kellie is only a call, text, email or Zoom call away!

Do I need to catch up my books before you can start?

Nope, I am happy to clean up your historical data for the current year or further back is desired.

Do you do bill pay and invoicing?

Yes, bill pay and invoicing are services we offer.

Does Perennial Bookkeeping use specific software applications?

QBO (Quick Books Online) . We do all accounting through the industry leader, QBO. They are a subscription-based, cloud-stored platform offering the greatest range of products and services.

ENCYRO: We transmit all client records through the encrypted services of Encyro. Another industry leader in organization and security. Clients can download the QBO reports from Encyro, set up a secure account, and store them on their server.

CHECKMARK 1099 software: used for printing and filing year-end 1099 forms.


How much does your service cost?

Perennial Bookkeeping uses predetermined fees based on the frequency, complexity, and volume of your transactions and business needs. 

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